Baking Course for Advanced Professionals

Our advanced decorating course focuses on trends and detailed uniqueness of sugar craft which will bring out the real cake decorator in you!

Schedule: Weekday batch- once a week every Wednesday

No. of lessons: 12

Course Contents:

  • Bridal Cake Module:
  • 1st Class– Fondant cut outs, press on molds & imprints, lay-on designs, quilting
  • 2nd Class– Fondant frills, ruffles, swags, drapes, bows, roll out embroidery
  • 3rd Class– Edible collars, royal icing caging, stenciling
  • 4th Class– Royal icing extension work (String work/pin work/over piped designs/extended extension work)
  • 5th Class – Sugar flowers (9 types- dusted and shaded)
  • 6th Class– Sugar flowers (9 types- airbrushed)
  • 7th Class – Brush embroidery, lace work, cushion work, over piping designs
  • 8th Class – Sugar flowers (9 types)
  • 9th class– Sugar flowers n leaves (9 types)
  • 10th class– Edible human figures (wedding group- bride groom, bride, flower girl/boy)
  • 11th class– Practical lesson- stacking 2 tiers and decorating (weight balance/alignment/sharp edges/ganaching techniques)
  • 12th class– Practical lesson- Stacking 3 tiers on pillars and arranging flowers (assembling on different bases/heights, flower arrangement patterns, time management/cost estimation)

*Please note order of lessons are subject to change (not the contents).

Lessons are completely practical, and the students would be having hands-on experience in making and decorating cakes.

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