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Learn cake decorating, baking, sugar craft and culinary skills with Baking Art

Baking School

We, a group of freelance baking Instructors at ‘Baking art ‘ offer you a distinct opportunity to discover a wide variety of cake decoration skills and techniques through our tailor made structured courses exclusively designed for beginners, enthusiasts and the professional cake decorators. We would also nurture your baking and culinary dreams by offering professional lessons on bread and pastry making, cookies and brownies, desserts & sweets.

Popular Baking Courses

Baking Course for Beginners

Start your professional career or be a hobbyist

If you are a hobbyist or want to start a professional carrer, this is where you should start.

Bread and Pastry Course

Side hustle  or you are an enthusiast?

Are you an enthusiast of bread and baking or you want a side hustle to improve your life standard. This course is ideal for you

Kids Workshop

Find your young child’s potential!

Kids workshop

Encourage your kids discover their passion at an early stage with this workshop.

Baking Course for Advanced Professionals

Bring out the real cake decorator in you!

Detailed uniqueness of sugar craft, learn to make and decorate cakes and improve your knowledge.

Our Cakes

Treat your eyes with newest, delicate, colorful designs and your mouth with deliciously flavored variety of cakes. We undertake to provide you the best quality cakes to add glamour and real taste to your special occasions at unbelievable prices. Our cakes are made of 100% edible decorative such as sugar flowers, sugar figures etc. which are made up to highest standards of perfection. Take a tour on our categorized novelty cakes gallery and discover the wonders of the world of sugar craft. In addition to novelty cakes, we also undertake special orders to serve your requirements at varies occasions throughout the year.

guaranteed freshness

Premium Quality Ingredients

Always we use premium quality ingredients for all our products. Our intention is to provide a genuine value to all our customers and society. We never compromise on the quality of our products or our values.

We care

Sustainable practices

Whilst we take every possible ways to maintain our sustainability, we support our environment and economy in different ways. We make sure that all our materials and services are sourced in sustainable ways. In addition to using localy manufactured organic ingredients, we reduce packaging waste by using eco-friendly disposables. Also, a to reduce our product waste, we make sure excess products are donated to charity organizations and poor families.

Currently, we are not undertaking any baking orders.


What Our Customers Say

Everyone has their own reasons for enrolling in our baking-art courses. Not only that, everyone has the same reason for buying again and from our baking-art online store.

"The Beginning bread and pastry Course at baking-art has been a great help for my confidence and knowledge as I begin my new career in the baking field."


"I feel that the lessons create a very good foundation to be a successful pastry chef. The topics cover the right range of recipes and each recipe has different techniques and different style to it."


"With no cake or baking experience whatsoever, I have learned an amazing amount of information on how to make beautiful cakes. This lesson at baking-art has been an amazing learning experience!"


From the Gallery

A selection of images from our baking-art gallery.