Pasta Making Workshop

Learn and be an Italian Pasta Expert! Our recipes are all based on freshness, high quality of ingredients, tradition and, most of all our own experience. Colored/infused pasta with herbs are some of the lessons lined up. Their enticing aromas and flavors will surely take you to a new level of cooking! We will explain the most technical aspects of pasta preparation, including the preparation of sauces/ toppings/fillings and dips, so that you can make pasta on your own at home with a machine or without!

No. of lessons:1

Workshop Contents:

  • Pasta Making Module:
  • Meat lasagna with meat sauce and bechamel (sheeted pasta/both sauces/garnishes will be taught too)
  • Tortellini with mushroom and cheese sauce (Making of pasta sheets and filling/shaping of the tortellini and mushroom sauce)
  • Fried crab Ravioli (herb-infused pasta sheets, crab filling/shaping process, and marinara sauce)
  • Cannelloni with spinach and ricotta (making of cannelloni tubes/filling, sauces, and baking)
  • Tagliatelle with Chicken and ham cream sauce (Cutting colored pasta sheets into thick noodles, sauces, and garnishes)

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