Baking Course for Intermediate Bakers

Our intermediate decorating course focuses on perfecting and improving your cake decorating skills.

Schedule: Weekday batch- once a week every Tuesday

No. of lessons:6

Course Contents:

  • Royal Icing Module:
  • Piped 2D & 3D sugar flowers (pansy, violet, daffodil, rosebuds, daisy, primrose, apple blossom, lily, petunia
  • Embroidery stitch work
  • Crimper work and brush embroidery
  • Broiderieenglaise
  • Edible paintings on cakes & stenciling Module:
  • Sugar paste plaques
  • Wafer painting
  • Piping gel painting
  • Cocoa painting
  • Stenciling with edible dust
  • Gum Paste Modeling Module:
  • shoes, baby booties for cake tops
  • Baby figurines
  • Sugar flowers and leaves (flower sprays in pots)
  • Cymbidium orchid, sweet pea, white bryony, wood anemone, cranesbill, lesser periwinkle.

Lessons are completely practical, and the students would be having hands-on experience in making and decorating cakes.

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